Covid-19 Business Partner Resources

ABA Retirement Funds

Covid-19 And The Market Impact

The ABA Retirement Funds Program offers a different kind of retirement plan; built by lawyers, powered by pros. We innovate with a purpose, helping plan participants save more and worry less. Our unique culture is dedicated to helping secure financial futures for the legal community. Call us at 800-826-8901 for a free consultation or visit to learn more.

Igor Fedosenko
Regional Vice President, Sales
(201) 917-3030 (Office)
(201) 820-7365 (Cell)

ACBA Legal Employment Services

The Allegheny County Bar Association Legal Employment Services remains open and has two great ways to help you. Looking to hire an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary or legal administrator during COVID-19?

1. Allegheny County Bar Association Job Board

When people are looking for job openings in the Pittsburgh legal community, one of the first places they turn to is the ACBA. In fact, our job board is viewed more than 10,000 times each month.
You can post your current job openings on the ACBA Job Board at any time. Posting a job opening on the ACBA Job Board is an extremely affordable option and ensures your job posting will be seen by an audience who is looking for legal job openings in the Pittsburgh region. In addition to the job posting itself, the ACBA markets these positions on our social media channels. Visit for additional information and pricing. PLAA members can use the code JOB30 until July 1 to receive 30% off an ACBA Jobs Board posting.

2. Legal Candidate Placement

If you don’t have the time or human resources personnel to review resumes, pre-screen candidates and conduct multiple job interviews, we can help! We are continuing to match the right candidates with the right employers by connecting qualified, prescreened applicants with law firms and other organizations looking to hire.

Once you have engaged the ACBA’s service, we meet with your firm or organization remotely to understand the specific requirements and salary range for the open position. We advertise the position, review resumes and screen the applicants. We work only with candidates who reach out to ACBA LES. After we complete the recruitment process, you will be matched with the applicants who meet your specifications.

This is a fee-based service for employers, and our rates are very affordable. There is only a fee if the position is filled by a candidate referred to you by the ACBA. Call Jennifer Pulice at 412-402-6623 or email for more information.

Jenn Pulice
Director of Legal Employment Services
(412) 402-6623
ACBA Legal Employment Services


During these unprecedented times, access to your information is critical and Access is here to help bridge the gap!

Digital Mailroom
If you are working from home or sheltering in place and need access to physical mail and important documents that are being delivered to your offices or PO boxes, Access can help.

Access has been designated an essential service for businesses. Our transportation fleet and services teams are operational and can provide secure chain of custody for retrieving and delivering your mail digitally. If you are concerned about the security of sensitive PII information that’s being delivered by mail, or receiving checks and invoices in a timely way, Access can take over management of your physical mail from any location right away.

Who can benefit from digital delivery of physical mail?
• Anyone who is working remotely, sheltering in place, or is trying to maintain social distance
• Remote workers who need quick access to important documents such as contracts, checks, and documents containing sensitive information that are delivered via physical mail
• Essential businesses who need to maintain business continuity

Digital delivery of physical mail – the process is simple. Our specialists will:
• Pick up mail from office or PO Box on a regular schedule
• Securely deliver mail to our scanning facilities
• Open mail parcels
• Scan the envelope and contents of each parcel
• Deliver the envelope image and contents as one searchable PDF document so you can easily and securely distribute documents to your workforce.
• Separate documents such as checks and physical items that are not documents and return them to you
• Separate junk mail prior to scanning, bundle it by date, and store or shred depending on your preference

Digital Active File Room
If you are working from home or sheltering in place and need access to active files stored in your offices, Access can help.

Access has been designated an essential service for businesses. Our transportation fleet and services teams are operational and can provide secure chain of custody for accessing critical files stored in your offices. Our transportation specialists can retrieve your boxes and files, deliver them to a nearby records center, and provide digital delivery of documents on demand.

Desiree Seaburn
Account Executive
(724) 996-1510

Advent Communications

Advent is able to help get remote workers set up, with VPN connections, remote phones, etc.

Ashley Shanahan
Business Development & Marketing Manager
(412) 247-9760 x101

Affinity Consulting

Affinity Virtual Symposium
All sessions will be from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm EDT each day.

WEEK TWO-- Diving Deep Into LATER:
Monday, April 20 -- What 2008 Taught Us
Tuesday, April 21 -- Going Paperless - For Real This Time
Wednesday, April 22 -- Defining Your New Normal – How to Manage the Culture Shift
Thursday, April 23 -- Back to the Technology Drawing Board – What Worked, What Got a Band-aid, What Didn’t Work
Friday, April 24 -- What's Next – What 2020 Has Taught Us So Far

Complete the form to register and we'll send you your link to join us!

Also offering their new training platform for free for the next 60 days:
In difficult times when billable hours are down, invest your time in training. For the next 60 days, our legal-specific software training platform, Affinity Insight, is FREE!

Sign up for a free 60-day trial of the Affinity Insight (AI) Plus subscription. No coupon or promo code needed. You will not be charged during the first 60 days after your sign-up date. There is no catch. Cancel at any time during the first 60 days and you will not be charged.

2020 Affinity Virtual Symposium details

Karen B. Scher
Marketing Coordinator
(614) 602-5559 (Direct) – (330) 716-1670 (Cell)

Special Counsel - Ajilon

Looking to provide temperature checks to help keep your business and employees safe? We’ve got you covered.

Mary Welsh
Vice President and Executive Director
(412) 258-2323 (Office)
(412) 758-7511 (Mobile)

All-State Legal

Preparing to Reopen Your Office? We are Here to Help

We are here to help. Personally, I am here to bounce ideas, talk through challenges or just vent to if needed. Professionally, ASL is deemed an essential business and is continuing operations.

Everyday our product development team is providing me with product and service solutions to help you. Below is a recap:

  • Limited access to branded and unbranded hand sanitizer bottles and masks. The availability and pricing is variable, so if you are interested, just let me know and we will get you the most current pricing.
  • Limited access to packs containing branded hand sanitizer gel. Keep in mind these items must be branded, there is a 1-2 week lead time and a maximum quantity of 2000 per account for each item.
  • Business essential ‘Work from Home Kit’ that include 15 essential office supply items in one box at for $99. Of course, these can be shipped directly to staff’s homes.
  • Polyvinyl expandable wallets & pockets that can be wiped clean if files are being handed or transferred between individuals.
  • Tyvek envelopes which are made of a unique structure which makes it harder for microbes and other contaminants to get through, giving Tyvek greater resistance to microbial penetration.
  • Electronic document templates for your letterhead, billheads or fax sheets that will maintain professional branded communications. If you don’t already have them or don’t have immediate access, please contact me about getting started.
  • vizCard virtual business cards that allow you share your contact information in an easily downloadable format to foster communication.
  • Mobile and sit to stand desks and risers that will help employees with back and neck pain due to home office set ups.
  • Antibacterial Alcohol Wipes
  • Hand & Surface Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Cleaning Products & Aids
  • Thermometers
  • And of course our core services such as Stationery, Paper products, Exhibit dividers, Filing products, Business essential office products and legal specific items such as corporate kits/supplies, will and estate stationery and practice specific filing

While gloves, masks and other cleaning and anti-bacterial supplies are still hard to find, we have been shipping back order items as we get access to inventory. Please continue to place orders on our website and as products become available, they will ship. When placing these orders make sure someone will be at the address to receive the package. These items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

As you discuss options and your contingency plans – please keep us in mind and reach out to me directly for support.

Don Goodman
Senior Sales Representative
1-800-222-0510 x6124 (Office)
(216) 496-0182 (Cell)


Please see the links below for detailed information and some highlights on each of our NEW Return To Work Offerings to benefit to your offices.

JAWS (Just Add Water) Sanitizing Spray and/or Disinfectant Spray - One Box of 24 Cartridges with 6 reusable bottles- Average cost is about $2.92/32 oz. bottle.  The JAWS spray will be perfect for your staff to utilize around the office and in the breakroom/coffee areas.  24 cartridges are the size of a pencil box versus storing and carrying around 24 spray bottles.  The storage spaced saved is amazing, as well as the ease of use!

Sanitizing Stations cost $37.99/unit per month lease. We would evaluate how many stations needed.  You wouldn’t pay anything further, monthly service, installs and product are included. Sanitizing Stations are a separate service so will require a separate agreement or an addendum to your current agreement.

Spray Disinfecting Services - We are also started a new Office Disinfecting Service where we send a technician into your office every work day, two or three times a week, once weekly or once monthly to spray disinfect your entire office or select rooms in your office. If interested, please let me know and we can put together a pricing proposal.

Masks are $2.25/each when ordering 1000 count or more or $2.49/each per 50 count box  (minimum 50 count box) and come in Black, Red, White or Blue.

Nurse Madonna (individual 8 oz. bottles sold by the case of 24) are $7.99/bottler or $191.76/case.  SPECIAL OFFER- NOW BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

First Aid is $64.50/kit per month with no charge for unlimited monthly refills. First Aid Kits are a separate service so will require a separate agreement or an addendum to your current agreement.

Bruce Barnes
Senior Sales Representative

Best Records Management – The Wilson Group

Shred Bag-Sell Sheet-BRM-D2

Joseph G. Gross
VP of Sales
(412) 586-7191 x138 (Office)
(412) 906-0429 (Mobile)

Bulldog Office Products, Inc.

PLAA Member Administrators need supplies shipped to home offices we can take care of that for you. If we can help in anyway please let us know?
Thank you as always for your support! Stay healthy! Be safe!

Tony Ranalli
(412) 489-8143 (Direct)
(412) 401-3569 (Cell)
1-800-864-4253 x 143 (Toll Free)

Canon Business Process Services

These are unusual times! I thought I’d share with you some links that have nothing to do with our business. It’s a collection of various sites or articles that have been recommended to me from different sources on things to do while staying at home, depending on your interests. Feel free to utilize yourself or share with family and friends.

For Museum Lovers:
Museums with Virtual Tours

For Space Cadets:
NASA Live Stream

For Travel Buffs:
Fly over Italy’s Cinque Terre Coast by Drone

360 Degree View of Lapland / Northern Lights

National Parks from around the World

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Tour Paris, France

For Animal Lovers:
Free Animal Live Streams

Everything from Puppies and Kittens to African Safaris to Ocean Life

Music & Shows:
Broadway Shows to Stream Music Events Online

WKAR Public Radio

Metropolitan Opera

Thirst For Learning:
1500 Free Courses from Top Universities

Stay In Shape:
Different Workouts for Your Skill Level and Needs

Nike Training Club Free App

For Kids: Kid’s Activities Free Learning Apps Free Educational Resources for Kids

ABC Mouse Web Site

Sports Fans:
Free Streaming of Older Games

Top Sports Movies to Watch

Sports Documentaries


Best Practices For Online Meetings

Here is a link that shows over 100 actual examples of scam/spam emails hackers are using out in the wild from KnowBe4: Covid-19 Gallery Spam Scam Examples

And as we all know, the “bad guys” are taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation by attacking our fears. This is no different. Below is a note from a partner of ours who forwarded along this message from a Chief Compliance Officer in the insurance industry:

“Lots of reports of malware getting launched as people respond to phishing emails related to their anticipated economic relief checks which people can expect to receive soon. Often these emails ask for just a click of a button to confirm that their mailing address on their 2018 or 2019 tax return is correct. These also do not ask for any user input of information which also may cause people to think the email may be legit or of low risk.

These phishing attacks are trying to capitalize on the economic anxiety that many people are feeling right now. So might be worth a quick word to the rank and file to not click any links or open any attachments from sources claiming that the email is related to their receipt of economic relief.”

As always, think before you click!

Rick Topping
Vice President
(412) 690-2300 x342 (Office)
(412) 559-1387 (Cell)

CIS Office Installers / CIS DryCare

Jeremy Kail
(412) 489-2574

Computer Fellows Inc.

For the past month, and for the next 3 months, Computer Fellows will be doing everything possible to help SWPA businesses and people navigate their technology tools and expand their knowledge and awareness through these uncharted waters. We currently have many offers on the table that are free for the next 90 days. No catch…no ulterior motives…Let’s take a look:

1. Computer Fellows VOIP phone system – free for 90 days. No contract, no long term commitment, no cost. We will setup, port your numbers, and support. And it’s remote install with no human contact needed.
2. Office365 backups and desktop backups – free for 90 days (great for people working remotely and might save data locally)
3. Microsoft Teams – free for 180 days. (more secure than Zoom) – CF Free basic implementation

Scott Yusavage
(412) 247-9760 x101

Hershey Resorts

While it has been some time since we last met in person, I hope that you, your family and your organizations are staying well as we continue navigating through 2020 and into 2021! This year has certainly posed challenges for all, however I am most confident that great success for each of your organizations is just around the corner!

On behalf of our entire team here at Hershey Resorts, I wanted to reach out to all PLAA members with an offer to consider (attached below) when planning your next "staycation" with friends and family throughout the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. While our resorts have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for those to get away, we have rolled out some unbelievable midweek offers at both Hershey Lodge as well as The Hotel Hershey for you to pass along to your friends, family and colleagues!

If you also happen to be considering a new location for future off-site meetings & events, or simply want to keep us in mind for the next partner retreat, I would be happy to arrange a personal tour of our facilities to show you first hand all that we have to offer here at Hershey Resorts! Of course, chocolate as well! Click on the link directly below to learn more about what we have available for your future off-site meetings & events.

Patrick D. Uffner, CMP
Sales Manager
Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company
Mobile: 717-602-9695


Humanscale has put together a program to offer PLAA members a 30% discount off the Buy Now price on our website. Individuals can order on their own with a credit card and ship directly to their home address. This eliminates many of the administrative hurdles and makes the process extremely efficient. We are also providing most products via a quick ship program to expedite delivery.

Humanscale Work From Home Offering Details

WellGuard Separation Panels Brochure

Jeff Diehl
Senior Account Development Rep. /Sustainability Ambassador
(412) 956-1318 (Mobile)

milliCare by CIS DryCare

With COVID-19 on the rise there is no better time to have your facility cleaned and disinfected… the right way! No one is more dedicated to customer service than our Jeremy Kail. Contact him now to learn more - or call – 412-489-2574.

Minnesota Lawyers Mutual

COVID 19 has profoundly transformed the ways lawyers work. In response to these challenging times MLM launched a comprehensive 'Change in Plan' campaign through May to assist lawyers. In the coming days and weeks, we will be offering new programing and providing new resources to help lawyers manage their practice safely and ethically while adhering to social distancing protocols. This weekly 'Change in Plan' e-newsletter will keep you current with our offerings.

Jeffrey P. Brien, Esquire
Regional Sales Director
(215) 495-2866 (Mobile)

SurePoint (Rippe & Kingston)

The team at SurePoint has been putting out resources in response to the needs of our customers. This includes some of the webinars, blogs, and handouts we’ve created over the past couple of months that relate to the remote office, law firms leveraging the cloud and tips for supporting law firms from both a profitability and business management standpoint.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the resource page and appreciate your partnership.

"Best Practices in Client Relations & Communications During Uncertain Times" with Julie Savarino

"Insights on Transitioning a Law Firm to Remote Work Featuring Paul Walker, Controller, at Snow Christensen & Martineau"

"Top 10 Tips on Transitioning to Working Remotely" with Steve Crossman and Lydia Flocchini


Checklist for firms starting the journey toward taking their practice management system to the cloud (SurePoint_Cloud_Checklist.pdf)

Case study with Snow, Christensen & Martineau on their transition and benefits of moving to LMS (SCM_Case_Study_SurePoint_Final.pdf)

Lydia Flocchini
Chief Revenue & Data Scientist

USI Affinity ~ Professional Insurance Solutions

USI has put together a Resource Center for clients with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have developed additional, insurance industry-specific information including exclusive webinars to keep our clients informed during these uncertain times. Contact your USI Consultant to learn more.

Helping Clients Prepare & Respond to Public Health Emergencies

You can use my contact information below. Also, we put together this pdf COVID-19: Risk Management for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms.

Michelle L. Logan
Account Executive
(412) 851-5209 (Direct)
(412) 551-5999 (Cell)

Weleski Transfer, Inc.

We at Weleski Transfer fall into the “Essential” category so we’ve been doing all we can to keep our crews busy. Unfortunately we are experiencing drastic cuts as it relates to our industry, but also seeing new opportunities.

Warehousing and storage has increased specifically in the Medical field. Customers have also taken advantage of empty office space to schedule internal moves or decommissions. We also have our record storage and shredding company operating for our customers who are doing housekeeping during these times. Please keep this in mind and communicate to our members as we continue through these unfortunate circumstances.

Lastly I realize PLAA participates in multiple charities and donations. We’re willing to donate crews and trucks to assist with any charitable occasions related to the COVID19, if you see a need for that please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

DJ Swigart
Moving Consultant
(724) 409-5841 (Office)
(412) 860-3982 (Cell)

Wolf Consulting

In order to keep PLAA members engaged, we are in the process of teaming up with some of our other trade groups we are involved with and hosting a webinar about some of the topics they may face. We would be able to tailor the conversation specifically for PLAA.

Questions every Small-Mid Size Business should know the answers to when it comes to Backup and Disaster Recovery

CyberSecurity Recommendations for Remote Workers

Gina Mitchell
Marketing Specialist
(412) 302-1708