Making Connections: Anna Marks

I’m excited to have a new set of connections!

As a long-time member of PSMA – Professional Services Marketing Association – I have been aware of and have come to know many members of PLAA. I never really thought to join PLAA myself because as a full-time law firm marketer, I figured the programs the organization offered would not really apply to me. That was until Corinne McCartney invited me to the June 20 event with the new networking format. I am so glad I accepted the invitation. Everyone was so welcoming – and I realized that many of the upcoming programs would be relevant to me and my work. I definitely plan to attend more PLAA events and hope to become a member as well.

PSMA’s tag line is “Making Connections” because out of all the organization’s benefits, connecting with other members seems to be the best benefit of all. I feel that same level of camaraderie among the members of PLAA and am excited to be a part of this great set of connections.

Thank you for having me and I look forward to seeing you again!

Anna Marks
Director of Marketing and Communications
Houston Harbaugh, P.C.