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NOV 8, 2018
Where Did the Time Go: Time Entry, Billing and Collection Solutions
Many law firms, regardless of size, struggle with time entry, billing and collections. All three are essential for a profitable law firm. Time entries are the bread and butter of what lawyers do for their clients; it is the law firm’s only inventory. Billing is arguably the most important management process in any law firm. The true measure of the financial health of a law firm is in its collections. Billable hours without…

NOV 9, 2018
Summit Series 2, Greg Satell and Heidi K. Gardner, PhD
Ari Kaplan, leading legal industry analyst and Founder of Lawcountability, will be interviewing author Greg Satell, best selling author and public speaker, about his book, “Mapping Innovation: A Playbook for Navigating a Disruptive Age.” The second interview will be with Heidi K. Gardner, PhD., Distinguished Fellow in the Center on the Legal Profession at Harvard Law School on her book titled, “Smart Collaboration…

NOV 13, 2018
Conducting a Successful HR Audit
Why consider an HR audit? More than 50 percent of our audits uncover pay practices (exemption status, overtime calculations, rounding rules and final pay practices) that can result in costly and damaging wage and hour claims. As an HR professional, your days fill up quickly. Urgent issues crop up regularly. High-priority issues are constant. So when it comes to federal and state compliance, it’s nearly impossible to ensure…

NOV 14, 2018
Current Issues, Trends and Challenges Facing Today’s Law Firms and What They’re Doing About Them
Each year, the Managing Partner Forum (MPF) conducts several surveys about issues important to law firms and their leaders. We conducted a survey of managing partners and law firm leaders about their firm’s leadership and governance models. At the MPF 2017 & 2018 Leadership Conferences, we deployed audience polling technology to capture data from 85 managing partners and firm leaders about what their firms …

NOV 16, 2018
Summit Series 3, Lee Broekman and Catherine Alman MacDonaugh, JD
Ari Kaplan, leading legal industry analyst and Founder of Lawcountability will be interviewing Lee Broekman, Principal of Organic Communication on her book titled “Stop Blocking, Start Connecting.” The second interview will be with Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, Founder of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute, on her book titled, “Lean Six Sigma for Law Firms …

DEC 6, 2018
e-Billing Best Practices and Readiness: From Angst to Assurance
As technology advances within legal operations, e-billing is now an essential law department system to help manage the legal department and its spend. Whether you still have not made the move to e-billing — or you are on your second or third iteration of a product — this session will provide an important update to anyone engaged in legal department operations. We’ll highlight trends from the vendor landscape, as well as …

DEC 13, 2018
Burying the Billable Hour: Implementing Value Pricing in Your Firm
Understanding how people make buying decisions is a key component to any successful pricing strategy. By grasping the concepts of how clients are influenced you can be better equipped to price successfully and increase your profitability. This session will provide a look at behavioral economics, marketing strategy, and customer psychology, and how these principles should be applied to pricing. Based on Ron …

DEC 19, 2018
Captivate: Presentations That Engage and Win Over Today’s Distracted Audiences
What if you were the most amazing presenter in the world? What if every time you stood up to suggest a new idea or propose a change, people would listen and act on your recommendations? The good news is that anyone can learn to captivate an audience and command a room. In this session, you’ll discover how to instantly build rapport with others, use your nervousness to your advantage and handle questions with …